Activities in the national park

In agriturism you will be able to enjoy total relax and the activities you like. Plateliai lake is ideal for fishing and for boat or yacht excursions.

Maudynes plateliuose

Plateliai lake is reknown for the possibility of wonderful diving experience. During summer time Klaipeda Diving Club “Oktopusas” can supply all diving equipment together with instructor.


Plateliai lake is the eprfect place for who loves sailing. We invite enthusiasts of this activity to visit us.


NEWS: the new biking trail around the lake is open and it reach Plunge. The surrounding zone is full of attractions: small hill, the forest with its small lakes, nature trails. Agriturism “Villa North Lake” give the opportunity to rent bicycle and boats.


The price include few events:

  • The stork Alfonso morning and evening performance in the yard (depend from mood and weather). Performance will continue until late summer, when Alfonso and family take their winter holidays in Egypt.
  • Oriole chorus “Eglineles” (main voice Sonata) accompanied by frog orchestra (director Natasha). Due to some disagreement, frog orchestra perform only when stork Alfonso is away.
  • Daily enterteinment at the beaver Zubkeviciaus country house.
  • Pike Ifighenijos jokes and ambush (for patiente parents and their kids)
  • Travel guest: very noisy concert of the “Margumelis” cockoo sextet.